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Lapis Lazuli and Baroque Pearls bracelet

Sale price€108,00 EUR
Enhance your beauty with this Lapis Lazuli and Baroque Pearl Bracelet! Elegant and perfect for any occasion, ready to amaze with its combination of precious stones. Lapis Lazuli for inner serenity and Baroque Pearl for the moment of pure splendor. A touch of luxury and style for every day!
  • Silver bracelet with Lapis Lazuli and Baroque Pearls
  • The length of the bracelet is easily adjustable from 19cm to 21cm
  • Convenient carabiner and adjustment chain
  • 10 mm and 14 mm natural semiprecious stones
  • Total weight 43 grams
  • Lapis Lazuli - Baroque Pearl     (wikipedia)
  • 925 rhodium-plated silver NICKEL - FREE to preserve its color and shine over time
  • Comes with an elegant case
  • Warranty certificate
  • mod. S032999D
  • Made in Italy
LAPIS LAZULI : It is thought that this stone makes honest, gives dignity, mental clarity and coherence. It is useful for removing anger and negative thoughts and for promoting meditation. Gives wisdom and creativity and facilitates night rest.
PEARL : The pearl is a lunar symbol, linked to water and women. Born from the waters or born from the moon, found in a shell, the pearl represents the Yin principle: it is the essential symbol of creative femininity. The sexual symbolism of the shell communicates all the forces in which it is involved.