dicono di noi....




Whoever creates a jewel is above all a researcher, someone who, by setting the imagination in motion, transforms materials that have always been synonymous with beauty into luxury objects . < br /> “VIA CONDOTTI” is an accessible luxury given the quality and price ratio of its creations. Elegance and simplicity for objects that accompany women in the most natural way that can be asked of a jewel .

natural semi-precious stones

Mother Earth

We have always used only Natural Stones , The stones, called & quot; daughters of the earth & quot;, each of them has its own little identity. Every single stone is unique ..... like You!


The proposal of Via Condotti aims to offer its customers refined jewelery items at an affordable price, without neglecting quality. Our rich catalog of gold and costume jewelery online offers men and women bracelets, necklaces, earrings and designer jewels designed for a fashionable look.In fact, luxury remains the common denominator of the whole proposal contemporary dedicated by the Via Condotti brand to its customers. The finishes, the elegant combinations, the meticulous search for details and refined details guarantee all customers a high quality product . Discover our collections of elegant and modern jewelery . Lots of products for those who love to wear stones and precious materials , expertly assembled in unique jewels !