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Via Condotti Store: Jewels and Precious - Who we are and our history


Elegance and attention to detail.

Its name evokes the streets of luxury, but with the Via Condotti brand we wanted to go even further, towards a more accessible sumptuousness.

All the experience of the Maiorana family, who have carved our name in the history of the goldsmith sector by creating precious items for over 400 years. Today the company continues its work through a contemporary proposal, with a line of jewelery items that combine silver elements with semi-precious stones, creating jewels of boundless beauty.

The Via Condotti brand was born in 2007 on an international scale for the sale of precious items. All stages of the production of jewelry items, whether these necklaces, earrings or bracelets, take place in Italy: this is a feature that cannot but jump to the eye, the mastery of tradition is always perceptible in the entire line of products offered. Italian goldsmith.

With the proposal of Via Condotti we aim to offer our customers refined jewelery items at an affordable price, without neglecting their quality. The finishing touches, the elegant combinations, the meticulous search for details and refined details guarantee all buyers a high quality product.

The entire line of jewelery items guarantees a luxury product that can be defined as current, but which retains a refinement linked to the classic style.