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Necklace in Silver, Jade, Citrine Quartz and Pearls

Sale price€224,00 EUR
Give a necklace designed for women who want to get noticed by wearing colorful and refined jewels! Impress the person you care about every time with a gift.
All stages of production take place in Italy. The finishes, the elegant combinations, the meticulous search for details and refined details guarantee all buyers a high quality product.
  • Multicolor Quartz and Amethyst Necklace
  • Length 57 cm
  • Convenient snap-hook closure
  • Natural hard stones of 10 mm and 16 mm
  • Amethyst - Quartz (Wikipedia)
  • 925 Rhodium Silver NICKEL - FREE to preserve its color and luster over time
  • Accompanied by an elegant case
  • Warranty certificate
  • Made in Italy
  • mod. S056499C
  • Bracelet in parure (open)
  • AMETHYST : Amethyst works well in contact with the higher spheres of energy, it stimulates the mind. You can feel attracted to amethyst if you are the typical person who loves to reflect and who faces every change by taking the time to evaluate every aspect of it. Amethyst attracts balanced people.
  • QUARTZ : With therapeutic and rebalancing properties, capable of acting and modifying emotions. In fact, it is believed that quartz can give well-being and calm if held in the hand or perhaps in a necklace, and that it is able to lower fever and relieve headaches.
Collana con quarzi multicolor e ametista in argento 925 rodiato - via condotti store
Necklace in Silver, Jade, Citrine Quartz and Pearls Sale price€224,00 EUR
mario maiorana 1958

Via Condotti


All the experience of the Maiorana family, who by creating jewels for over 400 years have carved our name in the history of the goldsmith sector.

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