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Silver bracelet with Coral, Lava and Mother of Pearl

Sale price€88,00 EUR
  • Give a bracelet in semi-precious stones designed for women who want to get noticed by wearing colorful and refined jewels! Impress the person you care about every time with a gift.
    All stages of production take place in Italy. The finishes, the elegant combinations, the meticulous search for details and refined details guarantee all buyers a high quality product.
  • Silver bracelet with Lapis Lazuli and Aventurine
  • The length of the bracelet is adjustable from 20cm to 22cm
  • Closure with a comfortable carabiner and adjustment chain
  • Natural hard stones of 13 and 15 mm
  • L a pis lazuli - Aventurine
  • 925 rhodium-plated silver NICKEL - FREE to preserve its color and luster over time
  • Accompanied by an elegant case
  • Made in Italy
  • Warranty certificate
  • mod. S020499D
  • LAPISLAZZULI : It is thought that this stone makes you honest, gives dignity, mental clarity and consistency. It is useful for stopping anger and negative thoughts and for promoting meditation. It gives wisdom and creativity and facilitates the night's rest.
  • AVENTURINE : Aventurine is known to be the stone of fortune. Aventurine is thought to stimulate dreams and have a positive effect on psychic abilities. Its ability to enhance the sense of self and to offer the wearer a positive outlook on life is well known.
  • "fashion passes style remains"
  • Perfect for any occasion or event!
Bracciale in argento con lapislazzuli e avventurina - via condotti store
Silver bracelet with Coral, Lava and Mother of Pearl Sale price€88,00 EUR
mario maiorana 1958

Via Condotti


All the experience of the Maiorana family, who by creating jewels for over 400 years have carved our name in the history of the goldsmith sector.

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