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Silver Bracelet with Turquoise, Pearls, Amethyst and Aventurine

Sale price€98,00 EUR
  • Silver bracelet with Turquoise, Pearls, Amethyst and Aventurine
  • adjustable size from 19 cm to 22 cm
  • natural semiprecious stones 15 x 20 mm
  • Turquoise - Pearls - Amethyst - Aventurine
  • 925 rhodium silver NICKEL - FREE
  • accompanied by an elegant box
  • made in Italy
  • warranty certificate
  • mod. S017899D
  • TURQUOISE: Many believe that turquoise can protect and that it has brought good luck or longevity. Turquoise is believed to offer protection and support for careers and travel. It is believed to facilitate leadership and clear communication. Turquoise is related to the feelings of peace and balance.
  • PEARL: The pearl is a lunar symbol, linked to water and women. Born from the waters or born from the moon, found in a shell, the pearl represents the Yin principle: it is the essential symbol of creative femininity. The sexual symbolism of the shell communicates all the forces in which it is involved.
  • AMETHYST: Amethyst works well in contact with the higher spheres of energy, it stimulates the mind. You can feel attracted to amethyst if you are the typical person who loves to reflect and who faces every change by taking the time to evaluate every aspect of it. Amethyst attracts balanced people.
  • AVENTURINE: Aventurine is known to be the stone of fortune. Aventurine is thought to stimulate dreams and have a positive effect on psychic abilities. Its ability to enhance the sense of self and to offer the wearer a positive outlook on life is well known.